Found this letter under my son's crib

Dear Mr. BIG GUY

Just a quick note to keep you posted. These two persons I picked? Excellent people… The chick is on my face, like on my face! Really. I woke up and where is she? On my face, she feeds me and…on my face. No complaints though I’m cool, I’m cool. I like her. She is always warm and smells like lunch. Oh my GOD does she talk and when she is not talking she is singing. She keeps telling me to call her “mami”; I don’t know why because everyone else calls her by another name, but that’s fine I like “mami” more than her other name anyway. Like when I first got here I would move while sleeping and there she was putting her fingers right in my nostrils. I mean, doesn’t she sleep? Now the guy… One word for him. H I L A R I O U S!!! Really you should see all the things he does to make me laugh. Get this: early in the morning he does everything and it works, you know? That’s until he takes out this small mechanical thing with the clicking noise and point it to my face. Not so fun anymore with that thing staring at me. You know? At that point I give him my “oh oh, whatcha doing?” face. Too bad I don’t get to see him more often. He leaves early in the day to some place called “the office” and I don’t see him until midnight when I wake up.

I wanted to tell you Big Guy. This whole human experience thing… two thumbs up!!! Great idea!!! I l o v e It! You get to feel stuff, you know? For example they use water to take a bath here and when I’m taking one I get to kick my feet and my arm on the water and it feels like flying. Sure, you know what I mean. Well, I have to be honest, not everything feels so good though. All of a sudden my gums are hurting. The other day I overheard that lady in the white outfit they take me to every month. The one who keeps putting that light into my eyes… and she said I was teething... It’s not nice to be called “teething”. I like to be called what the big ones call me: Cutie, Baby, Big Boy. By the way about that monthly visit. I’d rather not go anymore, if it’s ok with you? It’s not fun either. And then, there is this crazy woman with the frizzy hair, who keeps calling me “wiggly worm”. What?? And, on top of that, Miss Frizzy pinches my legs with this, I don’t know, sharp stick. Jesus!!! That hurts…

Oh, oh, one other thing. They keep putting something on my gummy gums. The chick (mami) says its raspberry flavored. Riiight… Like I don’t know what raspberry tastes like. Uhum! Remember those fruit “happy hours” we used to have in the fluffy room, where Santa and the Tooth Fairy always hang out? Um Um… Now that is one of the things humans lack behind… They don’t know a thing about how real stuff taste like.

I mean these people even celebrate my burping. I thought you might have wanted to know this about them? You know for the record...But again I’M COOL, I’M COOL… I love it here. Thanks for letting me come. I’d like to stay for the next hundred years if that’s Ok with you.


Love you, Lucas
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Beauty without grace is the hook without the bait.
Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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Monte Saraz

In case there is a moment in your day where you wish to be some place else. Click here and fly away to Portugal with me. Where we could get in touch with nature in a place where the fireplace is always lit in chilly days, where we would be away from the hectic city and at night where nothing else but crickets would serenade us. That is Monte Sara.

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Pencil skirt

Pencil skirt is the icon of feminine casual elegance. This versatile skirt has been around since the 50's and it's been worn by fashion icons such as Jacky Kennedy Onassis and Princess Diana. It's changeability gives us the freedom to wear it in the office as well as for an elegant night out. To get the slimming effect of this most needed basic piece it should be worn with high heels. Pumps for the mornings and stilletos for the evenings. My favorite way to wear it in the evenings is with a baggy, tucked in top, so it gives the illusion of having slimmer hips, high pumps and a few bracelets to add a glittery touch. For the day I can't think of anything better than a short cardigan.

P.S. I want to say thank you for your continued visit to this humble Blog.
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Dancing for a better reason

Yesterday around 3:30 I was sitting on my couch enjoying a cup of Jasmine Tea when I looked up and saw this plane flying unusually and dangerously low. Right at my eye level! Quickly I stood up and ran to the balcony door too take a closer look to what seemed like a tragic accident about to happen. At that moment the plane started taking altitude and I, as the very positive person that I am said to myself "Oh, it's apparently OK...that was weird" and then walked away and went back to the sofa to keep enjoying my moment. A few minutes later that phone call from that person who always keeps you posted about everything happening came. In this case, it was my mom. "Julie, a plane went down in the Hudson River" "oh my god I saw it flying low right in front of me" I replied to her. I immediately turned on the news, then walked to my balcony again to start watching the extraordinary rescue of those passengers. I had in front of me one more reason to love this country. So prepared, so quick and responsive. At that point it was not known whether all the passengers were alive and intact so I told my three months old son "no dancing in this house today my baby." I've been dancing for a couple of weeks now to lose the after birth weight. Little did I know that yesterday I was going to have the perfect reason to dance faster and harder than ever. What's a better reason than witnessing a miracle? And so I decided that I was going to dance no to burn the calories needed but instead to thank GOD for all those passengers and their families. And also to pray for a pilot as experienced, calm and collected as Chesley B. Sullenberger III, to steer the plane the next time I take a flight.
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