Joy to the World

May all your wishes come true in the new year.

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Laudomia Pucci at Home

One of the things I enjoy the most is when I go through my files looking for inspiration and I find something I had forgotten about, impressing me again and making me sigh. Last night, while searching for rooms with geometric rugs, I came across Laudomia Pucci's estate located in the hills of Florence and I felt like looking at a home that has been published just recently, even when these images were published in W magazine in 2005. The estate dates back from the Renaissance and the "modern, kicked-back glamour" is my favorite feature of this house because it makes the Renaissance architecture warm and comfortable, two of my all time favorites as well. The earthy tones and red throughout the estate also adds to the overall elegant comfort atmosphere.

In the living room, the rug is a vintage Pucci.

Don't you love the family coat of arms, made during the Renaissance?

A typical Renaissance facade. During the 14th century Laudomia's ancestors were political councillors of the Medicis.
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My 2011 Predictions

Consumers will have more options to shop the "to the trade only" resources.  Let's foster inclusivity ~ not exclusivity.  In work and in life!  Designers will always be needed and valued for their talent!

Every one will jump on the app band wagon. After all Chanel now has an app.  Big designers plus big e commerce equals accessibility for all!  Time sensitive shopping and immediacy will be key selling tools. A new web site to be unveiled soon; Moda Operandi will allow fashionistas to buy hot off the runway looks immediately after shows.  It is similar to a trunk show, put a deposit down when ordering and the balance is due at the time of delivery months later.

Color and Neutrals, trendsetters are a fickle bunch. The colors are softer, ethereal but intriguing combinations can be achieved with the warm and cool hues.  The neutrals are more versatile, chameleon like taking on the hue of what it is mixed with.

Global Chic or  an Ethnic mix will continue to be strong.  There's a sense of play at hand and interesting color combinations abound..

Tassels and Trim will make a comeback.  Embellishment in general shows a return to the desire for luxury.  That makes those of us with a more is more mentality very happy.

Small is the new Big.  It seems McMansions are so yesterday.  The desire to nest and be cozy in one's surroundings will always be the goal but with the economic climate in flux being ostentatious in not PC.

OK, maybe not this small

Being Green is here to stay.  Thinking about ways to take care of the planet and  cut down on the carbon footprint. Repeat after me, recycle, reuse, reduce.  A back to basic attitude and farm to table call to action.

photos and credits: Chris Dow, Charlotte Moss, Fashionising, Martin Lawrence Bullard

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Jennifer Lopez's California home

I'm looking forward to reading the Jan/Feb issue of VERANDA where Jennifer Lopez's California home is featured. The subtle glamour of the interior was designed by Michelle Workman. “Jennifer wanted to go modern and streamlined but retain the sophistication and stylishness. It’s tastefully glamorous, like Jennifer herself” he says.
I personally love the serene colors used throughout the house.
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Cozying up inside

By now it's not news how the snow storm has hit the Northeast. Kids are the only ones who are having fun around here. The grown ups of this house are keeping themselves warm inside cozying up in front of the fire and enjoying a good hot coco.
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Go for the Gold

Use it sparingly or drip in it ~ there's no denying the allure of this precious metal.  Metallics will always remain a mainstay in fashion and interiors, but gold has hit a high note (and not just the price).  With the economy still in a recession I think people are trying to be optimistic.  Nothing says confidence and optimism like the color gold.  It's also the color of the sun, so of course, being a Leo, a sun sign, I love it!!

Alexander McQueen

Marc Jacobs

J. Crew

Alexander McQueen

Jeffery Bilhuber
Richard Hallberg
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My Home for Christmas

Christmas is almost here and I can't think of a more appropriate time to thank all of you who support and visit Belle Vivir, even when you stop by quietly without letting me know who you are. Without you dear readers I wouldn't be here so, for that thank you. I wish you the best Christmas and I hope that wherever you are, you feel the peace and love of this special time of year. Please find below a few images of our home. This year we kept things simpler than usual. We did not put a Christmas tree, instead I created small vignettes around the house.

I decided to decorate this sculpture by putting poinsettia between the wings but, as Murphy's law would dictate, just when I was going to take a close up of my wingy sculpture one of the flowers decided to fall down.

Inside our Art Deco bar. You can see my lovely nephew's head through the mirror.

All images for/by Bellevivir.
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Wishing you a Warholian Holiday

Dom Perignon pays tribute to everybody's favorite pop artist with limited edition
labels on bottles of their vintage 2002 champagne .

Pop a cork, raise a glass, and drink to champagne wishes, caviar dreams, and OUR 15 minutes this coming year.  Happy Holidays!!

Alex Papachristidis

via verdigris vie

Richard Hallberg

Jamie Drake

Taylor Hannah

unknown via Elle Decor

Rosen Townhouse via

Carrie Leskowitz

Jack Phillips

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Nicole Miller throws a party

I know these images don't represent the season but the colors in them are more than inspiring. Nicole Miller got the inspiration for this party from the Donald Baechler painting (first picture). It doesn't take me by surprise how greatly she created the balance between taking it literally, using skulls on pillows, cards, coasters and interpreting them with wonderful happy colors. The party was at her home in Sag Harbour, NY, which is a beauty by itself. To see more of the party click here.

A gorgeous house like this doesn't need much to enhance.

Photos by Greg Morris
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