Hermes Crosses The Seine

Ahh, Hermes,  a venerable icon of luxury and craftsmanship, opened a second store in Paris.  This time over the Seine and thru the streets of Rue de Sevres to an iconic Art Deco building we go.

Renovated most recently by architect Denis Montel of the Rena Dumas firm, the 1935 historic building was originally home to a swim club in the Hotel Lutetia.  The goal was to preserve the architecture of the original pool while incorporating a modern, Hermes worthy aesthetic.  From the moment you walk into the store, see the mosaic emblem inlaid on the floor, and are greeted by the gorgeous floral artistry of Baptiste Pitou, you know you're in for a treat.

Rising up from the pool floor as if trying to reach the sun are ash huts or pavilions.  They are light and airy and suggest a home within a home; maybe because they house the Le Maison collection.  The reissued Jean Michael Frank furniture as well as the Hermes brand furniture, tabletop, bedding, etc., suggest a burgeoning lifestyle brand.  In a post here, I mentioned one of Jean Michael's sheepskin chairs.  I had the opportunity to sit in it, and it's yummy!  (Interesting fact- JMF was Ann Frank's cousin).

The mosaic tiles glistening from the pool floor, the movement of the huts, the wrought iron railings, and the harmony that exists between them tells a compelling story.

I didn't even realize Hermes offered wallpaper and fabrics, but it was displayed casually among their fashions.


Stay for a cup of tea in the cafe, appropriately called Le Plongeoir or The Diving Board (because that's where it used to be located), or browse in the bookstore ~ you could spend all day.

~ une belle aventure ~

photos by CLI, unless otherwise noted
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Food for Thought

 “The important question is not, what will yield to man a few scattered pleasures, but what will render his life happy on the whole amount.” Joseph Addison
 Happy beginning of October weekend!
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Interior furniture designs.

 interior furniture design idea.
 interior home furniture idea.
 interior sitting furniture setting.
 bath room furniture design.
beautiful sitting room idea, half circle sofa for watching TV, 
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Completely madly in love with: Francesca Romana Diana cuffs

As colder days are approaching many people are planning their getaways to somewhere warmer whilst sprucing up their wardrobe.    When I came across Francesca Romana Diana's cuffs I thought they would be a great addition for that winter getaway.  Bon voyage!
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lawn furniture.
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Yves Klein chic cocktail table and lucite furniture round-up

I have come across Yves Klein modern tables quite often lately and thought it would be a great idea to display a few of them.  Yves Klein was a French artist who created this very particular blue ( International Klein Blue) in the 1960’s.  After that he designed a table made of Plexiglas with a glass top and filled with three different color pigments inside.  One with International Klein Blue, one with Rose Pink and one with Gold leaves.  I think the blue would look great in a very modern space but my favorite is the one used by Celerie Kemble which is filled with gold leaves.
David Netto 
Cerelie Kemble Design
Donny Deutsch's home featured in AD recently.
And talking about lucite I put together a list of really good looking lucite accessories and furniture that are a nod to classic in the very chic form of lucite.  Enjoy!
I think this trunk would be great as a storage for a collection of colorful and fancy scarves, I would use these lanterns on a navy blue wall or on a dark upholstered wall as well, a fabulous lucite & cast elephant tusk console table, a pair of 70's bookcases, The Pasha chair by Pedrali is the perfect marriage between classic lines and modernity, who doesn't love letters to display at home or hang on walls and finally everyone needs a lucite ring.
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A Vision ~ Vaux Le Vicomte

Chateau Vaux le Vicomte, a baroque style castle just outside of Paris, is the setting of splendor and magnificence.  After a visit, it inspired Louis XIV to renovate and expand the Palace of Versailles.  He moved his court there and it became the symbol of the seat of power in France.

Nicolas Fouquet, superintendent of finances for the king, built the château beginning in 1658.  In order to create the château, gardens, and stable - three villages were destroyed.  The misplaced then became employees of Fouquet.  (That would explain the angry villagers show that was being preformed around dusk at the entrance to the château.)

The large stable exhibits elaborate horse drawn carriages.

With the "dream team" of Louis le Vaux, the architect, Andre le Notre, the landscape designer, and Charles le Brun, the decorator and painter extraordinaire, the "magnificent manor" that later marked the Louis XIV style was created.  Later the same three men went on to the renovation and expansion of the Palace of Versailles.

Nicolas Foquet wanted a carpet of flowers in harmony with the lawns and clipped hedges along with the water fountains, each representing the new age of elegance.

Fouquet's lavish lifestyle increased the jealousy of other ambitious ministers of the king. He was accused of misappropriation of funds.   Nicolas Fouquet was charged with treason and thrown into prison for the rest of his days.  Louis XIV confiscated many tapestries, art and all the orange trees for himself.

"On 17 August at 6 in the evening, Fouquet was King of France; at 2 in the morning, he was nobody." wrote Voltaire

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