Hermes Crosses The Seine

Ahh, Hermes,  a venerable icon of luxury and craftsmanship, opened a second store in Paris.  This time over the Seine and thru the streets of Rue de Sevres to an iconic Art Deco building we go.

Renovated most recently by architect Denis Montel of the Rena Dumas firm, the 1935 historic building was originally home to a swim club in the Hotel Lutetia.  The goal was to preserve the architecture of the original pool while incorporating a modern, Hermes worthy aesthetic.  From the moment you walk into the store, see the mosaic emblem inlaid on the floor, and are greeted by the gorgeous floral artistry of Baptiste Pitou, you know you're in for a treat.

Rising up from the pool floor as if trying to reach the sun are ash huts or pavilions.  They are light and airy and suggest a home within a home; maybe because they house the Le Maison collection.  The reissued Jean Michael Frank furniture as well as the Hermes brand furniture, tabletop, bedding, etc., suggest a burgeoning lifestyle brand.  In a post here, I mentioned one of Jean Michael's sheepskin chairs.  I had the opportunity to sit in it, and it's yummy!  (Interesting fact- JMF was Ann Frank's cousin).

The mosaic tiles glistening from the pool floor, the movement of the huts, the wrought iron railings, and the harmony that exists between them tells a compelling story.

I didn't even realize Hermes offered wallpaper and fabrics, but it was displayed casually among their fashions.


Stay for a cup of tea in the cafe, appropriately called Le Plongeoir or The Diving Board (because that's where it used to be located), or browse in the bookstore ~ you could spend all day.

~ une belle aventure ~

photos by CLI, unless otherwise noted
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