When Traveling, dress accordingly

Before I go on and talk about my fantastic weekend and how I celebrated it.  I have a confession to make, sometimes and only sometimes I love McDonald's french fries so when I called my hubby, whom had taken Friday afternoon off in occasion of my birthday and asked him to treat me to french fries he said, Sure!  I had no idea he had gotten me a present earlier that afternoon since earlier in the week he had gotten me a make up vanity as the official present.  More on that, another day.  So, imagine my surprise when I went to open the bag looking for my french fries and saw this unmistakable orange box smiling and waving at me.  Hurray!  I was beyond excited!
I have said here before how lucky and blessed I've been to have met my husband.  He is the most considered, thoughtful and sweet person I have ever come across.  I joke sometimes saying that he is the answer to my many years of prayers.  I come from a family where you start getting the pressure of getting married as early as the ridiculous age of 20, so considering the fact that I got married after 28 that's where the joke comes from.  I always used to say "It doesn't matter how long it takes I know that when it happens, the longer it takes, the better it will be.  When I marry it will be to a fantastic man."  and that's exactly what he is to me.  I'm sharing this with you because if you're single, over 40 (that is the new age to get married) and dreaming of getting married, know that like in everything else in life the longer things take the better and greater they usually turn out to be.  With every month or year it passes, it only gets closer.
That was not the only surprise he had for me.  I had been meaning to go to Locanda Verde  in Tribeca and Evren surprised me with a reservation (the food was delicious).  So after trying on half of the clothes in my closet I went with a very chic Sea black mini dress with a half open back that I got at Barneys earlier this year, fishnet stocking and my Chanel classic flap bag.   Whenever I go out or go traveling, I try each and every one of the outfits I'm going to wear, including bag and shoes.  Sometimes I even try to put my hair the way I'll use accordingly.  I also do this when I buy clothes. After I bring them home I go and put them on and kind of do a little fashion show for my boys.  It's funny I've been doing this since I was a teenager with my sister.  Every time we went out shopping we would come back home and model everything for my mom to see. 
I also like, when I travel, to look for clothes that would relate to the place I'm going.  Not obviously just for the weather but also to fit into the culture.   For my first time visiting Istanbul last year I came across this clothing line called Eskell made here in the the US.  The clothing line evokes a fusion of old and new with sophisticated prints that for some reason I associated with Istanbul.  So since it's Fashion week I thought it would be fun to take this week and dedicate it entirely to fashion.  Today I'll start with posting these images below of our most recent trip and what I wore. 
To go to Dave's Grill in Montauk I wore a J. Crew striped top, white jeans, Roger Clergerie sandals and accessorized with a navy blue Balenciaga bracelet and a two tone Cartier watch.   These huge hydrangeas were so beautiful I couldn't help stop and smell them. 
The American Hotel in Sag Harbor is considered a very bohemian place but it's also old school and non-pretentiously formal.  I couldn't think of a better outfit than a gray silk jump suit from Barneys, a Miu Miu red belt, Pierre Hardy platform wedge and a tailored blazer from Zara.  That's an outfit I considered traditional and formal in a very laid back modern way.
To go to the North Fork and visit a few wineries I wore this Armand Basi dress I fell in love with, flat sandals, and my J. Crew panama hat.  Little did I know that my husband was going to decide to go into every little country road looking for, according to him, an undiscovered beach.  God mercy! Lucky for me at least we were driving my car and not his!  We all have our give and takes in Marriage, don't we?
images by me
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