Do you girls watch Football...?

Every year my husband goes through the same ritual of playing fantasy football and me rolling my eyes at just the thought of it.  I'm so bad that two weeks ago while he was selecting his players (to form his fantasy football team) the only name I was able to recognize among the 17 players was Tom Brady.  I mean, can you blame me? And let's clarify that I didn't even know the guy before he married Giselle...  So last night, after having the TV on for the entire afternoon showing lots of big men colliding against each other and me reading the paper, Evren told me "oh, there is a football game tonight, we should watch it".  I gave him a kind of "are you talking to me?  kind of look and all he said was, This is serious stuff Julie!  You think it's a joke, you are the only woman in America who doesn't like Football!  I was in shock when he said that!  There is no way he can really believe this.  He is a big joker to the point that I don't even know when he is serious anymore.  To prove him wrong I have to throw this question out there.  Do you women watch Football!?
Tom Brady
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