Blogger state of mind

Many often, some of the best posts are born when searching about something completely irrelevant. You see, I search on Google images even when I don't exactly know the name of the item I'm searching for, with the hope that I can navigate to the detailed information when I find the image. But sometimes a stunning image crosses over taking me to a completely different direction sooner than I know, finding something I didn't even know existed. After I think I’ve found a new, exiting, never before seen information and start reading the source, taking images, building a post and publishing it, it turns out that it wasn't really new. When I visit another blog and see that blogger has made a post of the same subject with the same images, sometimes with a time frame as short as a week makes me wonder how small the Internet is, and how often different bloggers talk about the same thing without seeing each other’s blog. We're all too busy to visit all the blogs out there in the same day and the most recent posts don't come up on searches only after a few weeks, so I guess that this has happened to other bloggers as well. Has it happened to you?

Gorgeous table setting via EvenTagious.
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