Dancing for a better reason

Yesterday around 3:30 I was sitting on my couch enjoying a cup of Jasmine Tea when I looked up and saw this plane flying unusually and dangerously low. Right at my eye level! Quickly I stood up and ran to the balcony door too take a closer look to what seemed like a tragic accident about to happen. At that moment the plane started taking altitude and I, as the very positive person that I am said to myself "Oh, it's apparently OK...that was weird" and then walked away and went back to the sofa to keep enjoying my moment. A few minutes later that phone call from that person who always keeps you posted about everything happening came. In this case, it was my mom. "Julie, a plane went down in the Hudson River" "oh my god I saw it flying low right in front of me" I replied to her. I immediately turned on the news, then walked to my balcony again to start watching the extraordinary rescue of those passengers. I had in front of me one more reason to love this country. So prepared, so quick and responsive. At that point it was not known whether all the passengers were alive and intact so I told my three months old son "no dancing in this house today my baby." I've been dancing for a couple of weeks now to lose the after birth weight. Little did I know that yesterday I was going to have the perfect reason to dance faster and harder than ever. What's a better reason than witnessing a miracle? And so I decided that I was going to dance no to burn the calories needed but instead to thank GOD for all those passengers and their families. And also to pray for a pilot as experienced, calm and collected as Chesley B. Sullenberger III, to steer the plane the next time I take a flight.
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