Kitchen of the week: Industrial sinks in the kitchen

Thank you Kate at Design Sponge for posting Lucas's bathroom renovation yesterday.  If you would like to know how I did it, hop over there and take a look.  Thank you Kate!
From industrial necklaces to industrial sinks in the kitchen.  Somehow, the relationship is there because in these kitchens sinks are not only functional but they play the role of accessories as well, lending the kitchens a feeling of old and well lived.  Not something anyone would look forward to in fashion though.
Absolutely adore the use of different tile sizes in this kitchen.  The faucet looks like a very cool mess, is like a sculpture on its own.  The honey black marble counter picks up the light gray grout.  Love the aged chrome handles. 
White floor to ceiling subway tiles with a black or navy blue penny border make this narrow space a lot bigger.  In this butler pantry, the space above the industrial sink is smartly used with wine racks. 
This kitchen from Traditional Home magazine is more on the dressy side than anything industrial, but the sink is and so is the faucet, which kind of makes it  a bit country.  Very lovely and charmy!
The faucets... to live for!  Stainless steel heaven!
images from House Beautiful, Elle Decor, Pinterest, Traditional Home.
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