Beauty secrests: Best exfoliation method

If you come to this blog today following the tittle to find a picture of a feet filer, your eyes have never been wider.   I should tell you first that the filer should be the softest kind there is.  Regular scrubs won't do what a thin filer would do for your in-grow hair, especially in the winter when the cold usually provokes chicken skin, neither will it get rid of bumps.  I've been using a fine filer to exfoliate my skin for a while now and it's like having a microdermabration done without the price tag.  My hubby always complements on the softness of my skin.  He didn't know until now why my skin was so smooth.  This is great also to do two or three days before waxing to ensure an even softer skin afterwards, however, you should wait at least three to four days after waxing to use the filer.  Remember that the science behind most skin rejuvenation procedures done in esthetician clinics are based on slowly damaging the outer later of the skin so the skin generates new collagen.  In this case you're not even damaging the outer layer of the skin just exfoliating it but getting pretty much a similar rejuvenating effect.  This is how I do it.
1-First get the finer foot filer, I can't emphasize that enough.  Use it one or two times on your feet before using it in your body to help it get even softer.

2- Only use it when you're taking a shower so the skin is thoroughly wet and lathered up in soap (not too much soap or the lather will get inside the filer's grain and won'   t work well).

3- Run the finer side of the filer in opposite direction of the hair growth.  You'll be able to tell when the filer gets rid of any dry skin or bump in your skin. 

5- Do not go over the same spot more than twice, don't rub your skin just run it smoothly.  That's enough.

6- Afterwards is good to use a body cream that won't clog your pores and do not use tight clothes, especially skinny jeans.  Let the skin breath.

7- I use a body cream  from a pharmacy.  I sued to use Kiehl's creme de corp and it's not worthy.  At least for me!  It stays on the top of the skin.  I'm saying this because pharmacies have great body creams at very good prices.  St. Ives is a very good one!

8- I mix the cream with two or three drops of Vitamin E oil 30000 IU and rub it between my hands.  I get the one below at CVS.  It's also drinkable so I know it's safe enough.  According with dermatologists "vitamin E is also naturally found on the outermost skin surface, where it contributes to antioxidant support"  It also helps restore the skin to its natural healthy condition.  Some dermatologists recommend it for recent scars.

As long as your body is fully soapy and you're using the finer side you won't scratch your skin.  Get to know your skin and see where you need more emphasis or not and follow your knowledge.  Next time you know you'll have the skin of a VS angel.  After all how do you think they have that skin?  They get head to toe facials and microdermabrasion at an esthetician clinic.  That's what they do!  Go ahead and thank me later!

This is my own statement and experience.  Every skin and experience is different. This should only be done on healthy skin.
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