My madness for Interior Design

On weekends my adorable husband normally takes care of Lucas in order for me to rest and recharge for a littler bit. This is how it goes, he tells me. This is every single weekend: "rest sweetie, rest, I'll take care of him today. You lay down" and I, with the truly honest necessity of a good sleep, stay in bed. Also with the honest intention of really sleep. Then I try, I close my eyes and all of a sudden there it is, or shall I say there they are. I start decorating or redecorating everyone's house that I know. A panoramic photograph above that red L shape sofa at Damary's house, a bright yellow couch at my mom's to replace that beige one. And from there I go to each room, each wall, each table, and so on and so on. When I am not dreaming awake I am hallucinating. I blink or close my eyes for a second and suddenly a vision of a perfectly decorated room links into my mind. "Oh I loved that room!" I think, so I close my eyes again to look at it, and of course, to take every detail of it and track it in my mind or in my scrapbook. And just like that my so... needed hours of sleep get wasted or replaced?
And then I feel so bad and had to get up to help with Lucas. My husband looks at me puzzled and asks me the same question all the time. "Why aren't you resting?" "I can't sleep" I reply. "But, lay down and at least rest your brain" He tells me. I look at him but I just don't know how to tell him that that's my problem "I CAN'T REST MY BRAIN" Interior Design is taking over my life and my "be in the moment" moments. I just don't know how to justify my "madness for design".

"Have a great weekend" until Monday.
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