Our Deck

deck decor idea
This is a part of our deck, where we have our coffee in the morning and our snacks in the afternoon. It's not finalized yet, and there are a few things that I still want to do with it, but I wanted to share with you this gorgeous Rododendron plant before it stops blooming. No complains though, we've been enjoying the glorious flowers for over two weeks now.
I also got two of these Angel Face climbing roses two weeks ago (below). When I got them they had two or three small bulbs and now they have about 10 gorgeous bulbs. They are ready to climb and we are so exited to see them go up the trellis.
Angel Face climbing rose
garden design idea1940's mirror, vintage mirror
On this wall I was planning to custom build a deep banquette. Deep enough so that my hubby, our small one and I can take long lazy weekend afternoon naps. Instead, we decided to splurge on this 1940's mirror and hang it above the couch to reflect the NYC view that we are so lucky to enjoy.
new york city view
Regardless of the size of our spaces we all can do something beautiful with it and enjoy these very short summer days with our loved ones.
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