An "A~Ha" Moment

Last week during Blogfest, which I will go into further in my next post, Newell Turner of House Beautiful and a panel of guests including ~ Michael Herold,  Jane Goldenberg and Jon Call talked about their  "a-ha" moments; what inspires them and what was a turning point in each of their careers.

House beautiful asked each of us to share an "a-ha" moment. Here's mine.  I have told this story many times because it was profound .

I clearly remember being interested in participating in a community show house a few years ago. I felt like it was the right time in my career and I was excited about the idea of creating a show house worthy room but I was terrified!

I think the reality of putting yourself  "out there" to potentially be judged, fear of the unknown, fear of failure, all contributed to my high level of anxiety.

Edgcumbe House

I toured the house and made my selection.  I turned in my paperwork, hands shaking, and waited.  All the while questioning whether I was doing the right thing.  I knew I was being silly,  I didn't fully understand was I was so fearful!

Long story shorter ~ I created A Serene Salon in a small room on the third floor.

 I was inspired by a recent trip to Turkey.  I married that with the character of the historic home, as well as old and new, rustic and refined.  It was a hit!

 I enjoyed the process, the camaraderie with the other designers, and talking to those touring the house.  My little room was accepted into a book AND  I got a job from it, which almost never happens.  I learned NEVER to let fear be a deterrent.  If I am fearful ~ that's all the more reason why I need to plow through the task at hand.

I practice this philosophy often and have taught it to my children. I never want to look back and say, I should have...

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