Great Affordable Paintings: U Gallery

 Alan Taylor Jeffries
I've been looking for big art to embellish the walls of our new home in Sao Paulo.  Since it's going to be a rental there's not much permanent architectural changes we'll be able to do so, on art we'll rely.  Not that that's a headache to anyone, I suppose.  One of my favorite genre is abstract expressionism maybe because the stokes are so intense and powerful that there is little they need around them to complement.  Another reason is that expressionism goes with almost every kind of decor.
I was lucky and happy to come across U Gallery.  A gallery that sells great original and professional art for ridiculous prices.  They also have a seven day in home trail.   You'll really know if it works in your environment.  I have found fantastic art that is very similar to well recognized and expensive artists.  I personally think it's sad and unfair how many painters become sought-after and famous after they die, that's why I like to support live artists.
Alan Taylor Jeffries looks like a Jean Machel Basquiat
Alan Taylor Jeffries
 By Brian Elston, this black and white acrylic painting looks like a Franz Kline.
Brian Elston
This is on the pricey side but it's stunning.  by Lacy Drissi.
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