Kitchen of the week: Kichens with TVs

Many people have a sort of TV aversion.  Kind of like the TV will slowly morph into their brains,  brain wash them, and wake up the next day as an even worse person.  Let's not forget that BALANCE! is a very, if not the most, important word in life.  I'm even guilty of turning it on and keeping it on while I work from home sometimes.  We all have an annoying friend who does not shut up but we don't want to live without, that's TV for me.  It keeps me company a lot!
TVs in the kitchens are loved by children and maids (hello soap operas) in countries where house help is affordable. Enjoy!
Herringbone floors and a minimalist kitchen island= perfect for a bachelor.
I'm not sure if this is a TV in this kitchen but it looks like one. 
I love the red in this kitchen where the TV is attached to the upper cabinets.
A glam kitchen also needs some company.
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