Lucas' birthday and Happiness is what you know

Today is Lucas' third birthday! I can't believe it's been three years.  Actually, I'll take that back, I have felt that time!  My mom got the cake for him and when she asked me how would I want the cake? My first thought was since he likes cars let's get a very nice cake with an Austin Martin or a Maserati on top but then I had a second thought and realized that the birthday is his and he should have what he loves and enjoy.  So, I decided to go with a very cheesy cake with Lightning McQueen on top and Luigi tagging along.  He is at that perfect age where there's no keeping up with the Joneses, where no knowledge of bragging, addiction to praise and envy exists, none of those low sentiments that can make you sick.  He is genuine to his feelings and reactions, he is himself, free of the need to please and impress.  How beautiful is that! I will try to preserve that as long as I can.  In that part of my life, I decided that it's not going to be about my aesthetic points of view but about him and what makes him happy.  Happy Birthday cutie pie!
Talking about being genuine and true to yourself I was at Designer Visions: Cinema Style last night, more on that tomorrow, when towards the end of the night I turned around and saw a famous female editor taking off her Christian Louboutin and holding them in her hands.  Just like that, as if she was holding a glass of Champagne.   My friend and I looked at each other and jointly said "that's great" She was being herself without caring what others think of her because after all, the rest of the people were not the ones wearing a pair 5" heels all night. 
I had a great time last night but it got blurred with the news of Steve Jobs passing away.  That really broke my heart.  It's amazing how technology has progressed so much further than other fields of study.  The world is still succumbing to fatal diseases while on the technology side we can have a face to face conversation with people hundreds of miles away via a computer.  I don't doubt that one day we'll be able to feel that other person across our computers.  Many of the advances we are enjoying today is because of Steve Jobs' visions and innovation.  What a great man!  I was talking to Vyna last night about how sad it's to have everything in life and not have that one thing we all should be entitle to, good health.  And she looked at me and said "oh, money means nothing, you can have these three apartments combined (designer visions) and if you don't have your health you have nothing"  At that point I was so emotionally touched with the news and her words that I couldn't help but hugging her.  
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