Tasting Autumn: Getting in Synch

It's clear that every season has its own trademarks;  Daffodils for Spring, lemon zest for summer and cashmere for Fall.  I'm glad that the Perfect Mother Nature walks us slowly into changes in weather.  But once the season is in full bloom it's time to enjoy it in every possible way and form.  After all, that is what good living is all about.  I want to share with you a short list of things that I'm either enjoying right now or I'm willing to start trying soon.  Enjoy!
Speculoos spread, Pate a tartiner au speculoos;  I love Le Pain Quotidiene and the last time I was there I bought a jar of  Speculoos spread and I gotta tell you that it's as perfect as a crispy sunny day in Fall or it's like having ginger bread or cinnamon cookies but less sweet with a pinch of salt.  Unfortunately, their website doesn't sell online..what? but this is one Le Pain Quotidiene probably in every country.

If you live in the City and don't know of Beecher's Handmade Cheese you are missing a lot.  That if you are a cheese lover like moi, I can literary live on cheese and crackers.  Every time I go to the lovely Flat Iron district I pay a visit and this time I picked their anise and lavender chevre, yes I also frowned when I saw it, but it could stop you on your tracks once you taste it.  You can literary smell the lavender in it and if you have it in a pressed sandwich it will hook you.

Bite lips, the first time I heard the term I thought, what's with that?  Who wants that?  But as long as I can emulate the sexy look, that's healthy enough for me.  I have mentioned the Greek products Korres before and how happy I was with the fact that as organic as they are, made of Quercetine and Oak, they work.  I'm using lip butter (sort of like a moisture lip gloss without the gloss and its hideous stickiness) in quince and it's like having the perfect natural look with a reddish tone on your lips.   

Tom Ford’s new makeup line will be available at Bergdorf apparently on November 1st and you can pre-order.  The colors of the nail polishes look amazing.  This Plum Noir is gorgeous enough to put a fight for, exactly what I need to fully embrace Autumn.

I have this lavender and rosemary scented candle in my master bathroom and even when it smells a little bit much I love the cute little glass cup it comes, it looks like an emerald, and I love it.
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