Gold Fondue

Good morning beautiful people.  I feel like it's been ages since my last post.  I've been busy getting to know my surroundings a bit and enjoying myself and family.  I've been also working on that thing I'm planning that I told you about.  Yeah, you know what I mean and if you don't, hang on with me a little more and you'll know soon enough.
Who doesn't need some shimmering in their lives and what better place than on your table?  I'm loving the selection of Gold-Dipped tableware available now.  There is so much available now from plates to flatware and even jewelry.  I put together a list of my favorites for those of you who might be interested. 
The top first pictures is from a Brazilian artist, Nicole Toldi who makes wonderful porcelain and ceramics and she recently came out with these glamorous set of gold-dipped tableware set.  I'm immediately in love with it for many reasons but, mostly for its organic form.  Notice the handle of the cup.  Very beautiful!  Enjoy
Gold bottom dish at up in the air somewhere.  No really, that's the name of the website!

And then food marks on your plate and your cup has never looked this nice.  Add some dripping glam for your morning coffee with this set of drip tease teacup and gold saucer at Reiko Kaneko.
Gold-Dipped flatware at Wanelo.
 A really cool DIY for making your own gold-dipped plates, for those who are very handy here.
Love the modernity in this ring available at Etsy
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