I'm thinkin...Road Trip

I missed the Jeff Koons exhibition at The Palace of Versailles and now it is Takashi Murakami's turn. With the backdrop of Louis XIV's Grand Palace with all it's gilding, crystals, murals and mirrors, the giant cartoon-like sculptures are an unlikely pairing which of course, makes it all the more fabulous!
TM is a prolific, contemporary pop artist who gained a wide following as the collaborator to Marc Jacobs' Vuitton line with his happy, brightly painted images on their signature handbags.

 TM has a studio near Tokyo where he dabbles in painting, sculpting, preformance art, and business, as well as digital and commercial media.  His work spotlights the opposites of East and West, past and present, high brow and low brow, all while remaining amusing and accessible.

When asked what his inspiration was for this particular exhibit, Murakami said he felt a little like the Cheshire cat in Alice In Wonderland with his diabolical grin leading Alice thru the Chateau.

The exhibition runs thru mid December.  I'm running out time!

photos: Chateau Versailles, Ebay, Takashi Murakami
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