Le Style Castaing

Last night I started reading World of Madeleine Castaingby Emily Evans Eerdmans and I can hardly put it down. It's the most interesting book I've read lately, maybe because it studies the fabulous and inspiring life and work of a fascinating French antiquaire and decorator who is still influential today. As an interior designer and a woman I love nothing more than a woman with strong will and individuality which Madeleine Castaing was a master of. What I especially love about reading this book is how easily I can transfer myself back to the 1920's to the cafe La Rotonde in Paris and almost watch Castaing, her husband Marcellin and her more than fabulous friends holding court and trading art for wine.

"It was interesting to witness the whole movement. Everyone was in Paris. Every language could be heard, and in the evening all the painters were at Montparnasse. What fascinated me was that I caught sight of Trotsky, Lenin, and the big Derain strutting around, too. Picasso, no, never. He didn't go down to Montparnasse much. He stayed in Montmartre." - Madeleine.

Recently I spotted two of Miles Redd's works that bear resemblance to Le Style Castaing.

Castaing's former antique store in Paris.

Below is Miles Redd's famous townhouse. Both have a very similar atmosphere.
madeleine castaing
Below, a part of Madeline Castaing's house. She was famous for her frequent use of blue.
madeleine castaing
Below, the gorgeous breath taking breakfast room designed by Miles Redd recently featured in Town and Country. Miles also favors the color blue.

Good quality design gets reinvented and reinterpreted every time. It never dies out.
images scanned by me from Town and Country.
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