You go Nate!

I have been watching The Nate Burkus Show, mostly to see myself.  I was at the taping of the 1st show but it looks like they are editing a lot of different tapings together because the taping I saw was almost a month in.  There I am ( in the green in the bottom right) with my sister-in-law.

Nate is adorable,  the show is a work in progress.   People connect to Nate and I love his design dilemma segments.  They are practical, realistic solutions that every one can learn from and with Oprah behind you, you can't possibly fail.  It's easy to get tickets, follow the link and just request them. Good luck Nate!

That's Nate's mom, Nancy Golden, in the white dress looking on so proudly.  She is also an interior designer, a blogger and a jewelry designer.  She makes beautiful things out of leather and stones.  No doubt her materials are exquisite. She gets them from Nate's partner, shoe designer Brian Atwood.  You can see her designs at;
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