One Sheep, Two Sheep...

I'm Smitten.  I have seen this little guy for years but all the sudden I'm in love!

Francois Xavier Lalanne, a painter by training wanted to bring usefulness to sculpture  He, along with his wife, Claude, working out of their studio in Uly, France, created a menagerie of animals that served a purpose.  A rhino that was also a desk; a bird that was also a bed.  But nothing was as successful and as coveted as their sheep.  They are lovable in a way their other sculptures were not, in my opinion.

They graced many a chic home beginning with Coco Chanel's.  She owned a flock of them.

Francois and Claude in their studio, c.1967

The sheep have become highly collectable, and therefore rare.  They are garnering a lot of money at auction and on 1st dibs.  My husband saw me looking at one and I asked if we could find a place for one in our home (not that I could afford it, but I live in fantasy).  He said,  "Absolutely not, it's ugly!"  And I said, "Honey, it's not like I want a meat dress!"

~Xavier's credo:  ''The supreme art is the art of living.'' ~  Here, here!

photos:The Selvedge Yard, Robert Passel,Elle Decor,Veranda
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