the wonderful 30's

Drew Barrymore never looked this good.
I tried unsuccessfully not to start this post with the phrase "There must be something in the water" but I honestly couldn't because I ran out of excuses to explain the transformation of these ladies when they turn 30. Not only do they look much younger but slimmer, firmer, happier, healthier and simply better. I suppose, ahem, it's genetic although I think that maybe if we make e few million a year and have access to the best and last cosmetic procedures we would all look like that too or at least close. Whatever the reason is it's wonderful to see that people who take good care of themselves just seem to stay young. Or so I hope. I should frame each one of these photos and put them up on the ceiling of my bedroom to be the first thing to look at when I wake up to remind myself to be more consistent with my pilates.

Katie Holmes, I mean what can I say about someone who resembles Jackie Kennedy so much? Is there anything else better than that? Well, besides eliminating world hunger, of course.

Jessica Alba, have you guys noticed that she only gets better? She is not 30 yet but she'll be early next year and we can see her transformation slowly in front of our eyes.

Gwenyth Paltrow, where did she keep those legs all along. After she turned 30 she promptly starter to wear mini skirt as if she figured out that "you got it use it before you lose it."

Eva Mendez, after turning thirty she became Calvin Klein's underwear model. That says it all.
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