Goo Goo for GAGA

Barney's does it again, this time BIGGER.  They always do a wonderful job with their Christmas windows; so clever and fantastical ~ then, they tie in a cross promotion throughout the store.  This year's theme is Lady Gaga, a Holiday Workshop, their holiday fantasy on steroids.

Under the direction of Gaga's creative director Nicola Formichetti and Assume Vivid Astro Focus (an internationally recognized multi media company), Santa's workshop GAGA's way, was born.  They tied in sets, displays, art work, and packaging.  It's all GAGA!  I love the crazy, colorful graphics that lead you through the maze of marketing mania.

They started with the 12 days of GAGA, each day introducing a new Gaga related item.

The whole 5th floor is devoted to GAGA merchandise.  Fire press-on nails, check; studded fingerless gloves, check; lace covered glasses, check.  25% of the proceeds will go to her charity, Born this Way
Foundation which promotes youth empowerment and equality.

Cookies and candy and crystals, Oh my!

cookies by Elani's

Nothing says Christmas like a chocolate skull

Ericson Beamon designed jewelry, among others

I heard that the Boudoir window was made entirely out of hair.

Little Monsters,,, start your engines. 

ph; Barney's, Huffington Post

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