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Any time of year is a good time to give back, but certainly during the holiday season.  We should take a   moment to count our blessings and ask ourselves, "How can I give back?"  and since we're shopping anyway...

I don't know which Lauren Bush Lauren is more famous for, her name, maiden AND married, or her philanthropic work.  The FEED Project was created in 2005.  Lauren designed a bag for the UN World Food Program and the proceeds will help lessen world hunger and provide basic human needs.

1 bag feeds 1 child

Hung On U was born when Patti Hansen's daughters were rummaging thru their famous mom's closet and found these cool bags she used to wear in the 70's.  The girls started wearing them and they became wildly popular.  Updated and redesigned, Hung On U now profits cancer research.

Rebecca Taylor  had her famous friends, from the likes of Jessica Alba to Kristen Bell, design a tote; in part to celebrate the opening of a new store in LA with the proceeds of these bags going to Dress for Success.  I love this organization because it empowers women; it gives them the clothes they need to feel confident enough to go out on job interviews.  Women helping women, that's what I'm talking about.

Ana Marie Eder for Spoon created "of the moment" Mochila bags that became wildly popular.  Many mochilla bags are woven by Wayuu tribeswomen. They are quite beautiful and very labor intensive. The Wayuu Taya Foundation which "helps [to] improve the lives of Latin-American indigenous people while maintaining and respecting their traditions, culture and beliefs."  
They were so popular in fact ~ when Vogue featured them and J. Crew carried them this past summer they sold out immediately.

I'll take one of each,  I'm a giver!
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