More is More ~ Lux List 2012

My 2011 list proved to be popular last year, so I am going to do it again.  Just like Oprah's favorite things; but I am not giving anything away.  

Any of these natural curiosities from Eduardo Garza could grace my table.  Nothing says Christmas like a skull.  You know what's weird?  That I have said this before.

My husband and I started drinking Scotch before bed.  It's like we're in a 50's movie.  I would get this for him.

McCallan Scotch

This plexi clutch by Alexander McQueen has a sculptural quality to it that I love.  Being the practical woman that I am, it would go with everything (again, I am detecting a theme here)

Forget the diamonds, that was so 2011; but a little glitter to hold my iPad doesn't hurt.  It's too pretty to hide in a bag

Jimmy Choo @ Saks

Love the Porsche Panamera and the sound system is crazy good

Still want that contemporary house in the woods.  If it could be near the water it would be a plus, because I am feeling Zen

I would most certainly put an over-dyed or color reform rug on my list.  I have wanted one for years.  You know what they say...When you're done decorating, it is time to move!

What would be on your list?
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