Clever Idea # 5 ~ Semi Homemade


Like Sandra Lee in the kitchen with her semi-homemade recipes saving you time and money, the people at Semi Homemade are doing the same thing, but with cabinetry:  Ikea Cabinetry.  You purchase the cabinetry you want, and they will make custom doors to fit any Ikea furniture.
The theory applies:  half the time, half the money.  Honestly, sometimes decorating is smoke and mirrors.

Cabinets can be a very costly proposition.  Saving money on (well built) frames that nobody will see, while spending a little more on doors that make a statement in the kitchen can make the added investment well worth it in my book.

An awesome way to save money while getting a top-notch look.  I call that SPAVING, and I believe I coined that term more than a decade ago!

ph: via Semi Homemade

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