I voted.  Did you?  As an American who reads and enjoys blogs, make your feelings be known!  If you like Carrie's Design Musings, and I hope you do, let your voice be heard!  We are a country built on freedom and choice.  I know time is precious, and you take a few minutes in a day to spend with me, when you could be reading another blog.  Well, let it be known!  I am hoping to join a list of top 100 Interior Design Blogs on the Modenus website.  Modenus is a beautifully curated site for all things interior design related.  They offer professional portfolios, product resources, forums, and inspiration for professionals and passionate observers alike.  Take a look through the site but be warned, you'd better give yourself a lot of time.  This is also a great way to discover other wonderful blogs you may not have been aware of.
Go To:

Modenus and scroll down to find little ole me

Look for the CARRIE Icon and hit the thumbs up

The site may ask you to sign in thru facebook and enter your info on, then it's thumbs up again.  You should see your vote immediately.   I know they make you jump thru a few hoops

But won't you take a moment to show a hard working blogger some LOVE?

Your vote is your voice, Vote for Carrie's Design Musings

Thank you ever so much

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