Driving away

Right now we are driving to Columbus, Ohio, yes driving, I would take any short cut (hypothetically speaking) in order to not get on an airplane.  After 9/11 I'm terrified of flying.  Anyhow, I'm very happy and excited that Lucas, Jennifer my niece, and I are going to spend two weeks with my in-laws whom I truly adore.  My hubby who is more than sweet to drive us all the way there will fly back.  We woke up at 3:30AM and left home at 4:30AM in order to take advantage of the morning hours that seem to fly away faster than the afternoon ones.  Unlike everyone else on board I really enjoy days like today because I'm a morning person.  I love to wake up early in the morning listen to the birds singing and watch the sun rise.  I'm even more happy and grateful to my beautiful blogger friends who are going to run a series by guest-blogging here in Belle Vivir.  Without your help it wouldn't be possible for me to spend quality time with my in-laws.  These five talented ladies have excellent taste and always have the most breath taking, beautiful images in their blogs.  I couldn't be happier.  I really appreciate it.  Next week I'll reveal their names and blogs.  The series will be called
"Staycation in Style" where they'll share with us what they do when not going away in order to renew and to get inspired.  Since our trip to Ohio is not really a vacation, I'll make sure I do some of those things with my mother in law and niece whilyst away. 
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