Wednesday Classics, FLAMESTITCH

 Chastleton House, Oxfordshire
Flamestitch or Florentine stitch, not to be confused with zig zag,  is believed to be originated in Hungary as Hungarian stitch or embroidery.   The design that is as old as you can imagine was first found and created as embroidery, which was called in Italy Bargello Arts Stiching, hence the Bargello chairs.  It consists in straight up and down uneven zigzag resembling flames.  Back in the 1600's Anne Fettiplace, wife of Walter Jones, had a bedroom and closet " The Fettiplace Closset" in the Chastleton House, Oxfordshire covered completely in Flamestitch.  Mary Mcdonald anyone?  You see how nothing is really new? 
 Mary Mcdonald's closset
David Hicks
Flamestich pattern became huge in the 70's and it's the type of pattern that can either be hated or loved, no middle ground here.  David Hicks was a fan, as is Mary Mcdonald today.
 Alex Papachristidis
 Kelly Wearstler
 Dona Remember
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