Orange you glad to be home...

We got back yesterday afternoon and after driving for many hours, my head is feeling a little bit of vertigo from the constant movement.  As much as I love to travel or in this case to go away, coming back for me requires a period of adaptation.  What to do first?  Where to start or better yet how to slip myself back into my normal routines and work schedule.  First I try to leave the house clean and lined up before I leave.  I think it's simply depressing to come back to a unclean and messy house.  The second thing I do is to make a list on my way back, prioritizing work related stuff.  Third I unpack immediately even if tired, knowing everything is in order and in it's respective place speeds up the adaptation process.  It's a good idea to do laundry/dry cleaning before returning home, the less to do when back the better.  Fourth, I get up earlier than usual the next day and take care of my emails, by doing it earlier I won't fall behind in the day and fifth, In order to not feel overwhelmed I try to not put too much on my plate for the day, putting only the necessary.  By the third day of being back I'll be like a fish in water. 
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