Last day of the series with Beth and Kristy from My Design Chic

I wanted to thank all of the fabulous ladies who collaborated in Staycation in Style series and my fantastic readers for supporting it.  I hope we have accomplished our goal of bringing everyone suggestions as to how to spend the best time in your own skin and in your own town.  Today is the last day of the series and I couldn't think of a better way of ending it with Beth and Kristy from My Design Chic.  The mother and daughter's great eye and taste comes across in their beautiful blog which is a must to visit.   I'm up for all of their great ideas.  Who doesn't need a relaxed weekend or some extra  sleep?
Summer is the perfect time to get away from everything and take a break from your normal routine, but, sometimes, between packing, flying, stopping the mail, finding someone to feed the cat... Shew! Getting away can feel less like vacation and more like, well, work. That’s why we think that, every now and again, finding a way to relax and recharge in your own home can be an even better way to truly unwind. What’s the best start to our perfect staycation? Why, sleeping late, of course -- it’s guilt free! Sleep hours, like chocolate calories, simply do not count while on vacation.
Perhaps the loveliest transition from sleeping to waking is a piping cup of tea, in your pajamas, overlooking the most beautiful view in your home. If we felt so inclined, this would be a prime time to catch up on some long overdue journaling.
The last thing some people want to do on their vacation is work out, but yoga makes us feel so refreshed we don’t even think of it as exercise. Deep, quieting breaths, a few sun salutations and meditating on all the things for which we are thankful really put us in that vacation state of mind.
Or, better yet, recapturing our childhood with some time in a swing.
No vacation would be complete without some time on the courts. Adrenaline pumping, fresh air and good friends. Does life get any better?
We would like to thank Julie so very much for choosing us as guest bloggers while she’s away relaxing.  However you choose to unwind, we hope the rest of your summer holds many moments of restful bliss! Best, Beth and Kristy
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