Wall Art Composition

Better a late Monday post than nothing.  I'm still at my in-laws having a great and mellow time.  Watching Lucas spend quality time with his grandparents means a lot to me.  I've been completely disconnected from visiting my everyday blogs but soon I'll be back on a regular schedule and enjoy my daily blog visits.  Thanks again to my blogger friends who guest posted here last week.  Because of you I was able to spend these days without pressure.
I have had this post saved for a few weeks, and lucky for me I have something interesting to share with you today.  An art wall composition with mixed and matching frames is to my eye a lot more interesting than one that keeps the same frame and displayed in a contained group. I think it's a more collective and exiting look.  Here are a few wall art composition ideas to inspire you.  I think that as long as one keeps similar color scheme in the art and in the frames and keeps an equal distance between them, anyone can do it well. Of course having great art doesn't hurt either. Enjoy!
images credit: Chahan Minassian, House and Garden Australia, Kate Spade's home
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