Food for Thought: Global Chic 6000.12: Elle Decor

"It takes little more than a few clicks of a mouse to fill your home with objects from distant lands.  But nothing can replace the experience of actually immersing yourself in another culture.  When the foreign becomes familiar and the exotic an element of the everyday, then you've mastered global style" Elle Decor, April 2012.
I uploaded this image to one of my Pinterest boards over two weeks ago not knowing it belonged to Lorenzo Castillo; a designer I have posted about a few times over a year ago, here, here and here.  The fantastic renovation of his "Hogar Madrileno" is featured in the April issue of Elle Decor. 
Maryam Montague
And if you don't know who else was featured in this April Elle Decor by now it's time to wake up from your hibernation.  Hello, Spring!  The authentic home of the lovely Maryam Montague from My Marrakesh, that is.  "Alas Maryam! what a great job you did, your home is unique and beautiful.  It honors and reflects its immediate mother earth" 
Have an international fabulous weekend!
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