Guy de Rougemont

When the lovely Diane de Polignac introduced me to The golden clover table designed by Guy de Rougemont, above, at The Young Collectors Night in January, I almost flipped out.  I didn't really know if to go ahead and let my emotions spring forth and hug it or kiss it and run out with it carrying it, if only it didn't weight so much.  I decided for a bit more of Prudence and kept my calm.  To my defense, I think this is one of the chicest tables I've ever seen.  Diane told me that this is part of a limited edition of 8 signed and numbered by the Artist, for the Gallery, which is located in Paris.
Rougemont stated: "I am a painter: my sculpture and furniture are those of a painter"  but he is the kind of artist who has broken the boundaries of art, he does everything that's design-related from porcelain to carpet, to sculpture and even films apparently.  Yeahp, He is a designer extraordinaire.
Below, are a few images of his famous Nuage Table designed in 1971 and if it looks familiar to those who have visited Mark Bar at The Mark Hotel in New York City is because he created it, commissioned by Jacques Grange, see the last two images.  Enjoy the chicness!
The bar is more than breath taking with the bar created by Rougemont and furniture by Vladimir Kagan.  If you're in New York City, go and pay a visit and experience it by yourself.
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