Random Weekend: "The best makeup primer"

Sometimes I seem to have little fashion sense or better said, I favored my common sense.  Like over the weekend, when we went for a brunchy-bite at Pastis in the Meatpacking District and literately sabotaged my cute, Century21-find, Valentino flats with a pair of unattractive gray socks.  It was cold!  I much rather enjoy running errands on a pretty cobblestone street, even when aesthetically unmatched, than not doing so at all.  Like that, I went ahead and took care of a few things we needed to do, among them, replacing our router which apparently was getting old and visiting Kiehl's.
My husband has an obsession for stacking up on things.  "Stack up sweetie pie.  Get more." he oftentimes says, to which I always reply "Why? Should we be getting ready for a famine that I don't know about".  But this time though, I did stack up on Midnight Recovery Concentrate.  Because I don't only use it for it's over-night recovering effects but also as "the best make up primer" ever.  It really is that good!  I've had a longtime love and hate relationship with makeup, afraid that if using too much it will make my crow feet stand out.  But when I go out at nights or for important events I use this Kiehl's product under tinted moisturizer and what it does is that makes the makeup run as smooth as a kid sliding down a snowy hill and not to mention the glow it adds.  If you can, go to a Kiehl's store get a sample and try it.  You'll see what I mean. 
This blog has never been contacted by Kiehl's, nor have we been asked to review any of their products. This is simply my personal experience.
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