Kitchen of the week: My own design in Manavgat, Turkey

When my in-laws asked me to help them with remodeling their kitchen in their vacation home in Manavgat, Turkey, the first thing they asked for was for a modern kitchen.  They had lived most of their lives in Istanbul so they wanted a space where they can come and rest their minds and eyes from the ornate and splendor of Istanbul.  They are also big fans of modern design and big collectors of glass in every shape and color you can imagine.  One main reason for the remodel was to make the kitchen more spacious and functional and to convert one full bathroom, next to the kitchen, into a powder room.   I made the floor plan and suggested the use of local material such as travertine, which was used on the kitchen floor as well as for the hallway through the entrance.  We did many Skype conference calls to make decisions and go over the details.  It's amazing all you can do with technology now a days!  There are still some things left to be done, such as window treatments and other stuff.
For the powder room I suggested a sliding door and you can see a tiny bit of it towards the right.  
As many vacation homes in the Mediterranean, the washer/dryer is in the kitchen, the small microwave/ oven is a sentimental object because it belonged to my mother in law's mother so she made a point of keeping it. They are very happy with the result and am even happier that they love it.
All images by Belle Vivir.
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