Moving to Brazil! what!

My hubby has been assigned to an executive position with his company in Brazil and I couldn't be happier for him.  If there is anyone who deserves an opportunity like this, its him.  He is an ethical and hard worker man who has been working for this same company since out of college, and like in everything else he puts his effort on he gives it all.  I remember when our little one was born, I can't believe it's been more than three years, how hard he tried to break himself into three, having to be at work every day, going two and three nights a week to finish his MBA, and wanting to be here to help with the little one. All that meanwhile remodeling our home.  And somehow he magically did, even waking up with me almost every night to help me.  Looking back I know those days were though but thanks to his help and presence it almost felt manageable.  I'm very proud for him!
After weighing all the pros and cons we decided to finally grasp this once in a lifetime opportunity and move to Sao Paulo.  At this point I'm not taking any clients unless the client is willing to work via online but my lovely blog will come with me wherever I go.
At first I was very hesitant although never doubted about the move but it has slowly grown on me and now I'm extremely excited and anxious to see what we will learn in Sao Paulo.  We already have a few plans while being there, such as visiting Buenos Aires and Punta Del Este, two places I've been meaning to go to.
Looking back. Way back, I remember I always wanted to live in different countries and one of our priorities is for our son to grow up with knowledge and awareness of all the different worlds out there and if possible learn different languages.  It scares me to death for him to grow narrowed minded, so this will be an extremely important step in his raising.  My hubby once shared with me something he read about the first 5 years of a child's life being heavily influential in their lives; and I agree.  The environment as much as the people around them is fundamental so we will be paying a visit to Sao Paulo to house hunt soon, and I'll share the process with you.  There is a relocation company who is helping us with this but I'm too hands on to let go so I've been searching about rental properties, and unfortunately like in every other category in search engines, popularity doesn't always match quality.  Too bad there is no Pinterest for real estate.  Why doesn't someone come up with that.  We were also told that rental properties are usually gone in one day.  It's pretty much take it now or never. God help us!
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