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Having moved to Sao Paulo during the beginning of Spring has helped me skip all the heavy clothes and coats.  I've been relying on my trench coat for the evenings and lighter clothes during the days' warmer hours.
Since many other ladies count on this iconic piece for Autumn on the other side of the hemisphere as well, it's a good idea to show a few fashionable ways to use a trench coat.  I personally like to wear it with the collar up, like Jackie above; I think I invented this whole collar thing in my previous life. ;) I also like to roll up my sleeves a bit and use the belt instead of buttoning up.  
Whether you want to thank Pink Panther or Burberry for this fashion and classic stable, it's one that, regardless of the very specific-look, can be worn in many deferent ways.  Enjoy!
Love this effortlessly chic way of carrying it, like above.  My mom used to wear her blazers as capes when young.  I like this too.
In a Spring mood with short and pastel colors.  Adore the photo below of those two cutie ones.  Get them ready for the world of fashion.  Yes, it's important too.
wear it almost like a dress like Victoria Beckham.
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