Quick check in and Thank you

After a long and fantastic weekend, reality is coming quickly to meet me and bother me in my comfort zone.  This morning we´ll have an interview at Lucas´s future school and hopefully (cross fingers) everything will go smoothly so he can start school soon.  Kids like it when there is a routine that gives them a sense of security and safety.  We are still in a hotel while we make arrangements for a few security issues in the apartment (all windows and the balcony needs safety netting) are taken care of before we move in.  We won´t be able to have our stuff for the next two months because there is a security number we need to get and the whole process is very long and bureaucratic.  So, I´m afraid things won’t be as easy as in the US but, we´ll take whatever is thrown at us.  Of course that´s a saying...
I wanted to thank all my fantastic Facebook friends and my lovely bloggers friends for your beautiful wishes for my birthday this weekend.  It means a lot to receive all your beautiful thoughts and kind words.  Have a great week!

photo above of Enseada Beach in Guaruja, Sao Paulo, Brazil by  me.
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