Ikea's good art

Everyone knows that designing a house and making it feel like a home takes many long and exhausting months, if not years.  So when I realized that I would only have two months to plan, design, execute, anticipate the smallest details and to think about what we might be needing in the future, I know that in order to not go insanely crazy, I had to rely on things that were not too expensive and too valuable but still good looking.  I don't know much about Sao Paulo yet, but I know that things tend to cost three times more.  So where did I go to for basic things? right!  Ikea.  I was planning to buy things such as a mattress for our little one, a foot step for his sink  and so on.  Imagine my surprise when walking around I found very good looking prints!  God, was I glad, there are an awful lot of empty walls in this house that will need to be filled. We got the top one by Deborah Azzopardi for Lucas's room, of which I will only tell you that it will have a bunch of stripes.  Yeah!
 The top is a motif by Amelia Lancaster.  Bellow, Ikea's selection of Matisse motifs.   We also got one or two of those.
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