It's Going to be a Colorful Fall

 As predicted, Tangerine Tango has proven to be a very popular color this year, and I think it has legs.  While we wait for the color of the year 2013, Pantone has provided designers with a trend forecast for this fall, as published last year.  We are seeing it take shape, and these more bright than muted colors happily coexist with almost anything!

Jeffery Bilhuber

If enveloping yourself in one of these colors seems like too much of a commitment, like anything else, a little goes a long way.  Know thyself; there's something for everyone.  Add touches of these saturated colors for an instant update.  Take a cue from these pictures and mix these colors together.  They're wonderfully complementary ~

Christian Leone via Lonny

Amanda Nisbet

Miles Redd

Amanda Nisbet

Miles Redd

Jamie Drake

Melissa Ruffy

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