Why you should keep a journal

  photo above by me via my instagram
Ssh...I'm secretly using my neighbor's WI-FI, let's not wake him up. We finally moved in this past Saturday and still don't have cable or Internet connection. Yeah!...so much fun! But God does not abandon a loyal blogger so after sniffing around every corner of our home for the past days in search of a few poor bars of connection, I finally found a pair of benevolent ones in a corner of my son's room. I think it comes from the kid upstairs. These Net Generation kids and teens are selfless, good people and highly connected, which brings me back to the intention of this post and why we should all keep a journal. We're living in a time where people don't look up anymore, passing by the flowers and the friendly smiles without even noticing them. Parallel to all the distractions in the cyber world there is our real busy world as well, which render us with always something to do or think about and keeping us from being in the moment. I decided to keep a journal a few months ago and I've been trying to be diligent about writing as often as I can in an effort to keep it and read it later on in life in order to remember things that otherwise I will not remember.  If you want to tell your grandchildren good and interesting stories of your life in full color, go ahead and keep a journal.
 My hubby gave me this journal above from United Nations but you can find it here.
 Love this Ikat one ones, here.
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