Dining By Design 2011

Ralph Lauren

DIFFA, Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS, has been fundraising since it's inception in 1984.
It includes all facets of the design/arts community.  DIFFA provides grants to organizations that provide education, treatment, and outreach to those living with HIV/AIDS.  Dining by Design has become a huge event over the past decade with major designers and events planners creating magnificent tabletop vignettes.  Here are some of my favorites:

I love Donna Karen's zen-like table setting.  It might not be condusive to talking to those across from you, however.  The water trickling over the pebbles and around the orchids invites sitting long after dinner.

Donna Karen

There's a great design que here; the panels were all painted, a very easy DIY project, if you have steady hands.  Simple flowers floating in bowls are always elegant.  And don't forget a gift for each guest!

Coffinier Ku

Vicente Wolf

It appears to be raining around the perimeter of  the table, which no doubt is helping the wheatgrass grow.

Evette Rios

I wouldn't mind dining on a bed of roses

David Rockwell

I loved the profusion of flowers and colors.  That is Wills and Kate on the plates.  Maybe in the States, we'll help celebrate.

David Beahm

I loved the Ode to the Woody.  My first car was a woody station wagon (and sometimes it was turned into a bar when we opened the back) but I NEVER drank and drove, nor did I consider bear skin rugs!

Brad Ford

Just heavenly!  I love the simple centerpieces elevated by the cloches.  The guests' names were in silver frames under glass.

Jeffery Brooks

The Butterfly Effect, "Amidst suffering and disaster, can a small gesture make an immeasurable impact?  In this vast system, we are not alone in our struggles.  We are all connected."  How prophetic!

Tug Studio

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