Sometimes, that's all there is in this house...

For as much as we love cooking, not every day is for cooking from scratch. Actually, quite often all we do is to toss a frozen pasta in a pot and combine it with anything left over (fish or veggies) and call it a dinner. I am forever grateful at frozen food for all the times that makes us feel like we actually went out of our way to enjoy a nice meal together. I believe that even for a dinner as simple as a pre-made dinner is worth to put fresh flowers in a vase, light up a few candles and use the pretty things you have and that effortless action will literally lift you up. How about you? What is your shortcut?
Also, some of you dear friends have asked to see photos of our master bedroom wallpaper in progress. I have to tell you that this is the first and last time I'll be installing wallpaper. Never again, never again. But I'm thrilled and over happy with my labor of love's result. The room is completely covered in wallpaper now. There is no turning back and below is a sneak peek.

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