Seeing is believing

Design process is better done in layers. Can you tell this room's walls are wallpapered? I didn't, until I saw the close-up of the below picture. Having a vision when decorating is what a professional starts with but for whoever is not a professional is better doing it slowly. Stepping back and seeing one layer (paint, wallpaper, etc) and imagining what the next piece to come will look like is easier and a more assuring way of doing it without making mistakes that can be costly. I've been decorating my home slowly. I think the best way of doing it is while you're living in the house and realizing slowly what you need in the process. Even professionals change their minds in the process after seeing that something is not working. A few months ago I had the back of a sofa upholstered in a graphic fabric (the back of the sofa is one of the first things you see when walking into our house), after seeing it I realized that a patterned curtain will be too conflicting. It called for plain fabric curtains. I can visualize this room above empty with only the wallpaper installed and quickly figure out that it needed a graphic sculptural bed that would not be too bulky and clumsy and that would still carry on the soft and feminine atmosphere.

Can you imagine this bathroom without the polka dotted wallpaper? Sometimes a bold move makes a big difference in a white room.

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