Luisa Olazabal

It's officially Spring, yeah!!! and although I've been longing for the sunny and warmer days to lighten up with softer and thinner fabric clothes while enjoying the smell of Daffodils which will soon be everywhere, it seems like nature has different plans, at least for today. It looks more like a rainy Fall day out of my window. So until Spring feels and look more like Spring here are beautiful and elegant images of a home designed by Luisa Olazabal where the muted palette throughout the house with its little displays of flowers and greenery in every room feel like Spring is arriving slowly. I have to warn you though, if going into Luisa's website get ready to stay there a long time, not only the images will keep you captivated but the Portuguese music playing in the background will really make you dream.

Below, a few images of Luisa Olazabal's serene and inspiring studio.

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