Perfectly displayed

The past few days have been gloriously sunny and I couldn't be happier. In the prelude of Spring all the great things seem to start happening, only waking up earlier is not such of an effort anymore, editing our home decors seem to flow naturally. It feels exactly what it is, a breath of fresh new air that won't freeze your lungs. When I think of the beginning of spring I imagine greenery and I love the use of it in the last photo; put in a collection of clear glasses and accessorized with jewelry. In the first image, however there is no greenery anywhere but the clarity of it and the stacking of the books is very fresh and young in a way. Recently I posted about how I enjoy seeing real bookcases. I have the books in my kitchen's built-in displayed with the paperback side facing back the wall so there would be more symmetry in color. Here is a sneak peek of my kitchen's bookcases if you wish to see.

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