Kelly Wearstler ~ Ready to Wear

Kelly rolled into New York City (it looks as though she had a lot of help based on the luggage) to unveil her Fall 2011 fashion collection.  You have got to admire the woman; she doesn't let moss grow under her feet.  As if interior design projects all over the world were not keeping her busy enough, she just brought out a ready to wear, accessory, and jewelry line.

Shown in a New York loft she designed that looks a lot like the Bergdorf Goodman Restaurant she designed years earlier, it was all things Kelly

Bergdorf Goodman Restaurant

Kelly is known as much for her quirky clothing choices as her out of the box, Hollywood Regency, throw caution to the wind, break the rules decorating style.  Of course that translates to fashion!

Kelly has been thinking about expanding into fashion with a collection based on her design aesthetic for about 5 years.  You can really see the cross-over from her interiors to her fashion collection.

to be continued... with accessories next time...come back!

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