Everyday miracles

Yesterday while getting Lucas ready for the daycare, I noticed he had a coin inside his mouth ( no idea where he found it, we never leave small objects lying around in the open).  It was silver but couldn't tell which kind it was.  It only took me to extend my hand to ask him to give it to me when the coin seemed to slipped into his throat and he started choking on it.  My whole world seemed to be crashing on me.  I was alone in the house (apart from the man working upstairs in the bathroom) and I didn't know what to do a part from getting hysterical.  It took a few seconds that seemed eternal and while I have taken CPR classes I completely forgot the procedure, so all I did was to sit him up and kept on patting him hard on his back frantically.  Until I realized that if he was crying it was because he was able to breathe.  After asking him probably 20 times if he was OK he replied "yeah..."   Thank God for making that coin go through his throat, I'll be forever grateful!  If you have taken CPR classes, remember to refresh your memory once in a while.  I'll be doing it often too.  YouTube has a lot of videos here.  
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